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Jack Healy and Loren Decker host
"Middleboro Matters" on Thursdays at 11 am.
Jim Larkin's "Sounds of the Emerald Isle" on Sundays at noon.
Barry Sanders and Carol Doherty chair the
"Silver City Meetinghouse" Saturdays at 9 am.
AM 1530/FM 99.7 Programs and Hosts
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"Musical Odyssey" with Ed Sutka airs Sundays at 11am.
Chris Keach hosts your "Morning Wake-up" Monday thru Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 am.
Tim Holick and Aimee Logan host
"Food-a-Holicks" on Fridays at 11 am.
"Stand Up Strong" with Ed Miller and Tony Branch airs Saturdays from 1-3pm.
Paul Lazarovich hosts "Cranberry Country Journal" Saturdays from 10-11am.
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