Hometown Talk Radio
WVBF 1530 AM

History of Hometown Talk Radio

Hometown Talk hit the airwaves on January 16, 1992 and was a fixture on 1570 WPEP until July 16, 1997. During this period of 5 ˝ years, Hometown Talk recorded high ratings in the Greater Taunton area as the show focused on local issues and guests, as well as national issues with what the host called a ‘local twist’. Advertising space during this time was at a premium.

On April 4, 2005, after an eight year absence, Hometown Talk Radio returned to its familiar surroundings; 9-11am Monday through Friday on Newstalk 1570 WPEP and picked up where it left off, with great advertising success and loyal listenership.

On August 6, 2007, Hometown Talk Radio made a major move to WVBF 1530 AM which guaranteed that Hometown Talk will be able to continue to entertain and inform listeners in the Taunton/Middleboro areas for years to come. With more that twice the broadcast power of WPEP, Hometown Talks can now be reached by more listeners over a much wider geographic area.